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Slashy Letters

a snail mail fic exchange

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Everyone loves to get snail mail - and most of us here love slash and having people write something for them. So, here's my idea: I create a community, similar to project29, but for the exchange of LotR FPS and RPS.

How it works: There will be a poll, where members sign up with their snail mail addy and a fic request. Then they are assigned someone else, write a story for that person and send it off via snail mail. Also include a card (because everyone loves cards) and your LJ name (so they know who to thank). :) Because it's only a fic exchange, the letters won't be heavy, so postage shouldn't be very much, even if it's overseas.

The fic: Please fulfill your recipient's request to the best of your abilities, with a story of at least 500 words. Also, I ask you not to post the story anywhere else until you've heard that your gift arrived, so that your recipient is the first person to read it (except for your beta, if you have such a useful person in your life *g*). Then you can post it to the community and anywhere else.

Security: Naturally, the polls with the addresses will be locked, so no one can see them except the mod. Also, joining is only possible when one is recommended by an existing member, to make sure that we all know and trust each other.

Moderator: If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment here or ask shirasade {AT} livejournal.com.

Affiliates: snail_mail_porn sspr0n (Interested? Get in touch!)